[ DOWNLOAD Daweikala Electron 3800mAh Type 14500 rechargable Li-Ion batteries are a scam! ]
Title:Daweikala Electron 3800mAh Type 14500 rechargable Li-Ion batteries are a scam!
Description:This is quite an unusual video for me, since I normally upload only gaming related videos. I was looking for high-capacity type 14500 rechargable Li-Ion batteries. In the end I found them on AliExpress, a chinese platform selling stuff from my china all over the world. And they were cheap. Daweikala-Elecron are directly selling their products their. Except for AliExpress there are no other parties involved. Link: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005005811284598.html I bought them and they were delivered in time. Recently I bought a Kraftmax BC-4000 Expert charging device which has a nice function to measure the real capacity of batteries. And I found myself a new hobby of buying high capacity batteries, testing them and then asking the seller for a refund because NONE of the batteries sold come even close to the advertised capacity. Usually the seller refunds the money right away, because they know of this. 99% of the people just buy and hope that what they get is what they bought. So the whole battery business is a huge scam. The batteries have a little bit less than 500mAh, instead of the advertised 3800mAh, which is a significant difference. But Daweikala didn't refund. They said my testing was wrong. And I shouldn't use a specific type of charging device which I didn't even have. Or that I should send the batteries back and pay for shipping myself (haha - the shipping costs would be higher than the original price...) I involved AliExpress as well. In the end the seller still didn't want to do a refund. They didn't even bother giving any reasons anymore. In the end I was asked to upload a video showing the whole charging process. So I did. And this here is the video. With the video AliExpress decided that my claim was valid and refunded me. Thanks, AliExpress! For me it wasn't about the money. I paid 2,31 Euros including shipping, so yeah... Really not much. It was about principles. They are scamming people.
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