[ DOWNLOAD Diablo IV - City of the Ancients Dungeon ]
Title:Diablo IV - City of the Ancients Dungeon
Description:The City of the Ancients is the final dungeon for the Season of Blood (second Diablo IV season) seasonal story. For the "A Serpent Cornered" quest the player and Hunter Erys finally decide to confront the Vampire Lord Zir in order to defeat him and rid the world of the most powerful vampire. On the way to Zir the player encounters other powerful ancient Vampires: Ebok, Xereph, Ojomni, Nila & Nys. This will probably my last Diablo IV video for now. I'm a story-driven player and with this I finished all the story-related content there is. I'll continue playing the demo version of Sword Art Online Last Recollection next and afterwards I'll continue playing Divinity: Original Sin 2. Stay tuned for more videos. :)

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