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Title:Diablo IV - Velkhova Church Undercroft Malignant Tunnel
Description:Malignant Tunnels were introduced in the first season of Diablo 4 - The Season of the Malignant. In these you can get Malignant Hearts which you can socket into your jewely slots instead of gems. These hearts can give a wide variety of different bonuses like faster attack speed or making your critial strikes hit harder whereas your non-critical hits do less damage. There are hearts that can be used by all classes, but also class-specific hearts. The Velkhova Church Undercroft below the Velkova is the final malignant tunnel for the season questline of the first Diablo IV season. You have to visit it together with Cormond in order to finish the "The Cold Hard Truth" season quest. Together you have to defeat Varshan the Consumed.

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