[ DOWNLOAD Diablo IV - Dindai Hollow Malignant Tunnel ]
Title:Diablo IV - Dindai Hollow Malignant Tunnel
Description:Malignant Tunnels were introduced in the first season of Diablo 4 - The Season of the Malignant. In these you can get Malignant Hearts which you can socket into your jewely slots instead of gems. These hearts can give a wide variety of different bonuses like faster attack speed or making your critial strikes hit harder whereas your non-critical hits do less damage. There are hearts that can be used by all classes, but also class-specific hearts. For the "A Plague of Hatred" season questline the player has to invoke a Brutal Outgrowth. This can be done in a Malignant Tunnel of your choice. I did it in the Dindai Hollow Malignant Tunnel.

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